Legislative Decree 231 and the corporate lawyer

With the legislative decree 231 of 2001, the system of administrative liability of the body was introduced in Italy, for which the company can also be condemned to suffer sanctions ...
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Companies: a new dynamic business model with the involvement of Governance

Choosing the best corporate and organizational structure for a company is a bit like deciding which is the most suitable dress to wear for a given situation. Lawyer Fausto De ...
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The compliance program in international corporate groups

A Risk Management program within the company is an essential asset: managing the potential risks involved in doing business in an organized way improves the quality of work and creates ...
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The Business Plan: how it is built and how to use it

To develop a medium to long-term strategy, the company needs to write down the objectives and tools at its disposal. The preparation of a Business Plan is the main tool ...
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New risk prevention and management systems in organizational models 231: Covid-19

How companies must review their risk prevention and management models in light of the new responsibilities from Covid-19. Lawyer Fausto De Angelis talks about it in this article for Das-Legal, ...
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