Generational shift: programmatic guidelines in a changing world

In this new article within the path with 4C Legal on the development of business culture in legal services, Mr. De Angelis, Founding Partner of “FDA” Law Firm Avv. Fausto ...
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The management of extraordinary transactions

The process of aggregation of Italian SMEs, so important for the country system, is a growing phenomenon. The process must be carefully prepared in all its phases and with the ...
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The Business Plan for an internationalization project

Internationalizing the business of your company is a difficult and complex choice that must be accompanied by the drafting of a Business Plan to assess the technical and economic-financial feasibility ...
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Consulting professionals – Il Sole 24 Ore

Lawyer Fausto De Angelis finds space on the "Consultancy professionals" page in the Lombardia insert of Il Sole 24 Ore with a description of the specialist skills and activities of ...
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Enshrining Corporate Governance in Your Business Plan: the Lawyer Monthly Magazine interviews Avv. Fausto De Angelis

The strengthening of corporate governance has been identified as an important growth factor for businesses internationally. A greater focus on corporate governance has also been enshrined in recent legislation, particularly ...
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