10 December 2019 In Advice

Via extension, there would be the signature: unions, “we could renounce the demonstration”

Gela. In the past few hours, the ministerial signature on the extension of the Environmental impact assessment, necessary for the actual start of the construction sites of Eni’s gas base, would have arrived. The news is not yet official, but also the “grillino” senator Pietro Lorefice, who is following the procedure, has made it known that in a few hours he will release official statements. It could be a small turn on a dispute that has been going on for months. Trade unions, workers, and a city council delegation (made up of the president Salvatore Sammito and the directors Rosario Trainito and Diego Iaglietti) were ready to demonstrate tomorrow, in front of the Ministry of the environment. If the signature is confirmed, however, the event could be canceled. The union leaders of Filctem , Femca and Uiltec , last week, had announced the Roman demonstration. “We get a voice of the signature – say the secretaries Gaetano Catania, Francesco Emiliani and Maurizio Castania – if it were confirmed within the next few hours, then we could give up the event. However, it is a very important step which demonstrates the effectiveness of union and workers’ mobilization, despite the attempt at unnecessary controversy “.