1 April 2022 In Company law, Legal support

Enshrining Corporate Governance in Your Business Plan: the Lawyer Monthly Magazine interviews Avv. Fausto De Angelis

The strengthening of corporate governance has been identified as an important growth factor for businesses internationally. A greater focus on corporate governance has also been enshrined in recent legislation, particularly by the Italian government. We speak with Fausto de Angelis on why this aspect of business is crucial
for entrepreneurs and how it can best be included as part of a company’s strategy.

Can you give us a brief summary of the current corporate governance climate in Italy and significant trends that you are seeing?
In my experience of providing legal business advice to SMEs, I am seeing how greatly corporate governance is growing in terms of importance as a “key success factor” in company strategy.

“It is essential for a leading entrepreneur to enshrine corporate governance as a part of their company’s strategic plan equal to its business objectives.”

Fausto De Angelis

Why do you think corporate governance is now being recognised as an important driver of business success?
More people are now coming to realise that sustainable growth and ESG are crucial concepts for the strategic agenda of any company that aims to develop its business and increase its market share. The building of a strong and effective corporate model has clearly become one of the most fundamental parameters for measuring a company’s competitive advantage and sustainable growth prospects.

What other trends do you expect to see developing in the corporate governance climate?
I see some other trends which, to certain extent, can also be seen as connected with corporate governance and which can be used as a booster to speed up their implementation within organisations. Hot areas at the moment include legal design, cybersecurity, artificial intelligence and fintech.


Fausto De Angelis

Fausto De Angelis is the Founding Partner of “FdA Law Firm” – Legal Services in Business Law. He is a business lawyer with solid international background acquired during his career as head of legal in multinational companies. With more than 25 years of experience in carrying on negotiations, restructuring of operations and achievement of cross-border deals he is now the perfect partner for large companies and SMEs’ which intend to start-up new businesses abroad as well to strengthen their presence in the emerging markets.

He can also offer to his clients managerial and entrepreneurial skills as part of his legal business advisory. During his career both as “in house” legal executive and in the private practise he has reached an advanced track-record of important M&A transactions, Compliance programs and business crisis management.

He got a post-degree specialization in Corporate & Commercial law at Harvard Law School and in Business Management at Bocconi School of Management.